Noo Yeer Grume

This morning afta mai walk on da beach, I was washed by Mr S! (wiv a wartring can – so undigneefied! At leest Joolsie dus yews da showa).
Den I ad mai noms (from Joolsie – who duz yewyally giv me a bit eggstra heehee)
Den Joolsie put on da grumin pinny and sit on da floor.

Yew will note dat da grumin pinny duz as neep on it. Dat cuz Joolsie duz like neep and did yewst to do spinnin wiv er spinnin wheel.
Joolsie duz be very gud at grumin, she mayks shure dat da comb wiv da big teef duzn’t tutch ma skin cos she noes dat it can urt if it digs in. She tests fings on erself befor she yewiz dem on mee.
She allus starts wiv mai ed and werks er way down mai bodee. If mai fur is reelly snagglee she olds it wiv one and n cowms it wiv da uva one.
Reellee dey shud be strippin me, but dey ave promisst to wayt till March or Aypril *paws crossed dat dey keep dere promiss*
Afta mai back is dun, Joolsie duz lay me on ma bak an werks on ma tummee n senssitivs

Yewyally I duz snooz off at dis bit cos its veery cumfy an soovin.
Wen all da snarls an snagglees is gon, joolsieduz get da flee cowm and do me all ova agen. She ses I luk lyk I Iz made of silk wen dis bit is dun

Den she allus mayks shure dat she duz me all ova wiv da bristlee brush. She ses dat it do be gud for mai cowt, coz it stymoolates da oils to go onto ma fur an inshoolayt me agenst da wevva an cowld.

Fynally she do anoynt me wiv speshul smellin stuff mayd by a cumpanee called Aura-Soma. Dey mayk oils wot are 2 colurs at wunsz. Joolsie shayks dem to mix da colur an den rubs it all ova mai fur. I yewyally sniff er ands after and lik off sum of da smell. Today she yewsd a purpul an grene wun.
I iz allus appy afta mai grume.


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2 Responses to Noo Yeer Grume

  1. A lovely entertaining read and pictures thank you

  2. Hmmm, that look much nicer than the strippin Impi. I wish my peeple took better care of me…I just am usually tugged til I am almost baldy. Grrr

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