Por paw for Impi

Tewday we set off fur owa walk a bit erlia dan normul, cos Joolsie ad tew tayk er car tew da ospital fur a new mowf. It gotted its teefees mashed by a fezunt wot dived into da frunt of er car (wot she duz luv lowds)
Eny ways I didna wanna go on da walk and keptted draggin back. We ad got partway into da woods n joolsie fort I mite be limpin (I wuz tryin not to, onist)
Joolsie pikt me up an Mr S got owt da wipes (for da mud). Dere wuz a bit of a kafufful wiv pickin up an puttin down an I ended up wiv Mr S wile Joolsie wipt ma paws.
I snacht my paw back wen she wipt ma left frunt paw cos it stingd lots. Joolsie n Mr S saw dat dere be blud, so Mr S carreed me ome (n got mud all ova iz posh baa-burr).
I ad ma paws woshd in da baf, den Mr S rubbd medeesin creem on ma cut nayl-bed (or sumfing, not shur wot e ment). Den I ad ma noms.
Joolsie let me nuggul up wiv er on da been bag wile she wayted to go tew da car ospital. Now I duz be waytin for er to cum bak ome agen.
Opes yew is well as yew reed dis. *Kisses and nose wuzzes*

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7 Responses to Por paw for Impi

  1. tylersat99 says:

    Sorry your paw is hurting today Impi hope it feels better really soon 😦

  2. Kt says:

    this is absolutely wonderful! We have a border terrier too, who i do believe speaks as much as Impi! I cant seem to follow you because im blogspot and this is wordpress which is really annoying!!

    kt x

    • ImpiBorderTerrier says:

      I dussn’t alus ave acksis to a proppa poota Kt, so I azzunt bin abul to put all da fings in playc wot let yew subskryb. Wen I Iz not on a tablit poota I will try an memba to do dat for yew Kt

    • ImpiBorderTerrier says:

      Boo! I carnt follow yew eiva Kt, I Az addid yew to my list of blogs to check from tym to tym tho. *fnuffle sniff sniff*

  3. Kt says:

    ps, not wonderful about poor impi’s paw, but about the fact that you have a blog impi! x

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