Las minit Scottish holibob

Finks I duz need a bloggy bowt mai Holibobs wot wuz in Scotland.
Dis be mainlee picshures an a videe-oh.

Dis be ware we stayed – it nite time sew yoo can see da moon abuv da cottidge an owt billdins


Weez did vizit a playz ware Salmun jump up da wivva, but weez dint see enee cos it wong tym uv yeer. Dere wuz a door in da bwidge soze weez cud walk unda it.

Ize did luk ova da bwidge wiv hoodad an Joolsies, but yoo carn’t see Joolsies cos she on da ovva syd.


Weez went fur a free myl walk, but it ended up bein five cuz of a dyvershun.


Ize endid up bein vewy tyrd.


Weez did dwive fru diz playz but not stop, cuz weez doin it anuva day. But weez nevva ad tym!


Ize gotted a noo toy (Ize allus duz on holibobs). Diz wun called “MacNomble”, cos it frum Scotland so az to ave Mac in frunt. Diz me an hoodad playin, den I membered tew invite Joolsies.

Weez did go shoppin too, but it vewy borwin!


Diz playz did ave a weely nys wivva running fru it an we walked out into da middle on a gwavel bank. Cept fur Joolsies oo be scaredy.


Wen we explored da cottidge a bit mor we fownd dis intwestin woom in da owthows. Not shure wot it be fur tho. Joolsies sez it fur lawndwee *confused ears*


Also dere be lotz of dese in da garden like a carpit on da gwass.


Weez did ave a bwilliant tym and duz not be appy wen it tym to cum bak ome. Weez allweddy lukkin furwud to nex yeer.

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