Deer Diawee

Today I az bin to da Inntake where I az “fwo fwo’s”, den I ad ma nom back at da hows. Den we drived fru to York an parked in Wayt Rose wyl we walked into York centre. Makin shure ize replied to lots of peemails on da way. We ad a twot awound Barnitts but dey dint ave any filtas (woteva dey are) so we cawwied in to da York Museum Gardens where dere wuz Skwirrels pozin fur hoomans, Ize soon putted a stop to dat! Den weez (me n Joolsies) sat outside a artyzan food plays while Hoodad popped insyd (he ad a bag wen ee kem bak owt).
Insyd da bag woz 2 giant sossidge wolls one each fur dem! Pfft wot abowt ME I sez, but as yoosual dey ignored me. Eny way Hoodad finished furst so Joolsies gived ma leed to im while she az er woll. Hoodad gibbed ME a bit of iz cwust den. Fankoo Hoodad!
Joolsies allus gibs Hoodad da last bite of er noms (I alluz wundas why) and ee dwopped da hugest cwumb, but coz ee wuz now cawwying ME I cuddnt get it. Joolsies kem to da wescue wiv da owiginal bag wot wuz full of her cwumbs. She eld it whyl I shuved ma ed in fur a gud cwumb nommin seshun.
Afta we did get bak to da car we drived a bit more to a plays called Rodgers an they do allow BT’s in dere. So we ad a wanda rownd while Hoodad twied owt lots of weclinaz.
Den we drives to Cassul Howard where I ad ma customawy woll on da gwass followed by fro fro’s wiv an invisaball, followed by a twot awound da garden centre inclooding da shop (!) Dere was sum intwesting beds on a shelf wot I decyded needed a gud sniffin, but dey sed I ad enuff beds allweddy.
Den we went ome. Ize off to ma baskit now fur a long nap mai pals.

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