Mai Scotlibobs Augtember 2015

I did jus come bak from mai holibobs in Scotland. I went wiv hoodad an joolsies an we staid in “The Rhins” on da peninshoola near Stranraer. We did stay in a luffly cottidge near Kirkcolm wot ad a field next to it. Der woz sheepz in da field as well as chickinz An geeseez an turkeez sumtimez. Dey dint tayk mutch notiss when I called tew dem. Pfft!

We did see lotz of beez wen we woz in da gardin – dis be wun of dem wot vizited us…

On Mundai we did vizit Portpatrick wot be furva down da peninshoola. I did do lots ov rolling in da titchy beach dere. We did meet da hoo-parents ov Buzz ( who went ova da rainbow bridge six munfs ago), dey sed I did luk like jus lyk im (dey watch me fwom da paf abuv da beach) an dey missing im vewy mutch. Joolsies an hoodad did tork to dem for arf ower bowt BT’s. Finking dey get wescoo BT vewy soon. Dey ad tattoos ov Buzz on dere arms an evreefing! Dey showed hoo-parents photo in dere wollit of dem wiv Buzz. Made hoo-parents finkz dey needs one wif me! Voila!

We did vizit da Mull of Galloway on Chewsdai, see…

It vewy windy and dey not let me go near da edg! Joolsies iz a bit timid lyk dat.

Dis be da foghorn (not in yews enny more)

An da lighthouse where a cheef lighthouse master an two assistants plus dere famlees yewsed tew live an werk before evreefing went horto-matic.  

Afta da lighthows visit we pootled ova to Drummore and played on anuva beach till sum clowds started tew look fretenin…

We also saw sum erlee Cwistian stones at a church, but dey behind glass an not esey  tew see.

On Wensdee we went back to PortPatric an went for a walk up da coast to Sandeel Bay where dere wiz a waterfall an a cave. I fort dey lukked lyk a fays with a hand curled up!

Aft a dat we went to a long beach called Ballantrae whot woz very flat. If a big enuf wave did come it would swamp all da little howses! We could see Ailsa Craig, an Arran, an da Carradale peninsular, an Ireland too. We seed Gannits diving in da sea and being acwobats in da air too.

Fursday was a big adventure as we dwived da furvest of da holibobs so far. Furst we visited Glenluce Abbey, we din’t go rownd but we did walk about in the lanes nearby.

It wiz a bit borwin I fort. Anyways, we den went back tewards Stranraer and hoodad took a wrong turn (kind of) and we ended up in Castle Kennedy Gardens. So da hoo-parents paid for themselves (being important I was allowed in fur fwee) an we went fur a toddle wound da gardens.

Dere is kwite a lot tew see. A big walled gardens wiv lots of rustling and sniffs goings on. A huge loch, well two weally wound the whole gardens, a giant-size pond of lilies (2 acres!!) an a castle. Da castle burneded down in 1714 and as not been rebilt

So da famlee now live in anuva massif hows

Der is also a Giants gwave!

Fwidai’s visit was to Aldouran Wetland Gardens. Dey is fwee to visit, but coz it is a community pwojict dere is a donations box at da entwance. I sitted on Joolsies knee fur arf an owa in da hide, watching a bwight wed skwirrel nomming from a box in a twee.

Dis be da hide fwom da skwirrels syd.

On da way owt Joolsies ad me sit in da “Little Otter” fur mai portwait.

Owa last walk of da holibobs woz on Kirkcolm beach, where yew ave to be careful of da swell fwom da ferries as dey can surge hooj waves up to 30 minits after da ferry az gon past. It woz vewy windy an mai earz keeped blowing insyd owt!

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