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Mai Scotlibobs Augtember 2015

We did meet da hoo-parents ov Buzz ( who went ova da rainbow bridge six munfs ago), dey sed I did like jus lyk im (dey watch me fwom da paf abuv da beach) an dey missing im vewy mutch. Continue reading

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Deer Diawee

Today I az bin to da Inntake where I az “fwo fwo’s”, den I ad ma nom back at da hows. Den we drived fru to York an parked in Wayt Rose wyl we walked into York centre. Makin shure … Continue reading

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Las minit Scottish holibob

Finks I duz need a bloggy bowt mai Holibobs wot wuz in Scotland. Dis be mainlee picshures an a videe-oh. Dis be ware we stayed – it nite time sew yoo can see da moon abuv da cottidge an owt … Continue reading

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Tew day I am SEVEN!, which in hoo-years makes me older dan Joolsies now. Dat means I can boss her arownd, right? It also means dat joolsies is now offishully da baby of dis famlee tee hee

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Por paw for Impi

Tewday we set off fur owa walk a bit erlia dan normul, cos Joolsie ad tew tayk er car tew da ospital fur a new mowf. It gotted its teefees mashed by a fezunt wot dived into da frunt of … Continue reading

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Noo Yeer Grume

This morning afta mai walk on da beach, I was washed by Mr S! (wiv a wartring can – so undigneefied! At leest Joolsie dus yews da showa). Den I ad mai noms (from Joolsie – who duz yewyally giv … Continue reading

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I duz ave a new bed wiv lots ov aksessorees

Mai nuw ( ish) bed is very soft n skwishee! It Iz fawn n brown wiv a paw print on da side so dat da hoomuns no dat it not fur dem. Mai frend on Twitta will already no boat … Continue reading

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Where am I?

Me n @kelsoterrier n @BunnersAndHarvs ave bin avin a conversashun on Twitter bowt where I iz in ma picshures. I az bin leavin clews on a reglearh baysis for dem to gess where I iz. So far deze ar sum … Continue reading

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Superior camper

Dis weekend I did go camping for da ferst time. We did go to a pub in deepest Linconsha wot is ova da Humbrr Brij. Mai hoomans wuz goin to a partee at dis pub. We did arryv at sumfing … Continue reading

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My nuw crayte – part tuw

My nuw crayte az bin moovd to da car for sum reesun. It’s just as cumfy, just more mobyl. I az bin to da Furestree and Cassul Howerd, bowf in Norf Yorksha of cors. It meens I is mutch sayfa … Continue reading

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