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What I get up to when I’m on holiday

Mai Scotlibobs Augtember 2015

We did meet da hoo-parents ov Buzz ( who went ova da rainbow bridge six munfs ago), dey sed I did like jus lyk im (dey watch me fwom da paf abuv da beach) an dey missing im vewy mutch. Continue reading

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Las minit Scottish holibob

Finks I duz need a bloggy bowt mai Holibobs wot wuz in Scotland. Dis be mainlee picshures an a videe-oh. Dis be ware we stayed – it nite time sew yoo can see da moon abuv da cottidge an owt … Continue reading

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Superior camper

Dis weekend I did go camping for da ferst time. We did go to a pub in deepest Linconsha wot is ova da Humbrr Brij. Mai hoomans wuz goin to a partee at dis pub. We did arryv at sumfing … Continue reading

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3 trips to vets in the 3 days before christmas – not the best of advent calendars!

Right, well! It all begins on 22 December when I duz waked up. Joolsie n Mr S (I az gotta find a betta name for im, but he duzzn’t like bein called dad) spotted dat I wazn’t able to do … Continue reading

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Time well spent

Bein as it is arf term, Joolsie is alowd to take er olidaze. So she as been off dis week afta Eesta speshully to play wiv Impi. We ave had sum lovely walks regardless of da wevva. I as also … Continue reading

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