Bullied by a Wheaten Terrier!

Today we wuz avin a lovely peesful walk fru the woods near us, when out of da blu a Wheaten Terrier came boundin like a bullit from a gun and downded me in a vishus attak. Dere wuz lots of snarlin and growlin goin on. Mr S and Joolsie wuz very brave n did try to rescyoo me. Mr S was first to get a grip and did heft da baddy away from me. Den Joolsie got er ands on it and did heft it even furva away. Den it did put it’s tail between it’s legs n run away bak to it’s owners wot was shoutin fur it, but not elpin to stop it bein vishus.

Mr S did tell da owners dat dey shud keep dere dog under control and not let it attack uva dogs wot is not so big!

Dey didn’t say nuffin and did just tayk dere dog anuva way.

I wuz glad dat Mr S and Joolsie’s were wiv me, cos dey were very brayv lookin afta me dat way.

Da rest ov da walk was very nice, wiv views ova da sea and across da countryside. But da bad expereensh rooind it for da grown-ups I fink.

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My nuw crayt

I az got a nuw crayt. It az bin in da hows a week now and I fink it is luvly. I az moved in sum of ma toys and Joolsie az givded me a blanky wot I uws to mayk ma bed in dere.

At furst I was suspischus of it, cos it duz be very big an I dint kno wot to fink. But afta dey tempted me in wiv da noms I was appy to sit in dere for a bit.

Joolsie did shut me in fur arf an ower one tym but it wuz ok and I dint mynd mutch.

I duz put a picshur of me ere layta for you to see me in ma crayt.

Impi in crate

Sleepin in da crayt

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The world of sniff

All the smells around are quite enticing at the moment. I’m being kept very busy keeping on top of them all.
For example, tonight before I’ve tucked in, I’ve checked all the following items to make sure all is in order: my beanbag, my pig, one of Mr S’s socks, the heater and Joolsie’s hand.
I’m very keen to make sure that all is in order around the home too, so whenever one of them picks something up I make it my business to trot over and give the item an investigatory sniff. If the item passes muster I give it the Impi seal of approval by kissing it briefly. Of course if it is especially tasty I might decide to approve the item a bit more thoroughly with a good wash!

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How to spoil a dog rotten :)

I az bin a bit spoylt latlee. Dat iz coz I was pawly just befor Chrismus and ad to visit the vet’s every day wiv an operashun on Chrismus Eev. For full detail see ma blog here. Now I iz currentlee alowd to sleepz on da bed (in da middle ware itz warma), I sleepz in afta dey az got up and onlee getz up wen dey duz be neerly reddy to go out for ma walk. I iz also gettin lotz of nuggles too and if I so mutch as look lyk I iz gettin pawly agen, dey fuzz over me checking me owt. I iz very gud and lukkin pafetic and sikly now hehe.

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3 trips to vets in the 3 days before christmas – not the best of advent calendars!

Right, well! It all begins on 22 December when I duz waked up. Joolsie n Mr S (I az gotta find a betta name for im, but he duzzn’t like bein called dad) spotted dat I wazn’t able to do a full yawn and wazn’t acting normal. Wot I was doing waz trying to yawn, nervously likkin my lips n den chattering my teef.
Anywayz Joolsie did er looking up fings on da web n scarin herself fing, so den she ringed da vet who sez to her to tayk me to da surgery dat night but to ring back if I duz collapse or anyfing (most reshurin for a worried Joolsie I don’t fink)
Ower vet doesn’t do appoyntments on Wednesday so we went reely erly so we’d be at da front of da cuw. We was onlee beeten by one uvva person wot ad a poorlee cat -it was very kwiet in it’s box, must of bin fritened. I stared at evrywun wot camed into da waitin room. I likes to kno who iz doin wot n stuff.
Joolsie ad a video on er fone of wot I was doin wiv ma mowf, so she showed it to da vet. Jane (dat’s da vet) den taked my temprature up my bum. I dint move coz it waz stikkin owt and uncumfy. Den she ad a reely gud look in my mowf but cuddnt see nuffin. So she gotted da nurse lady to shine a torch in ma gob while she ad anuvva look. She still cuddnt see nuffin, so told Joolsie to see ow I woz in da mornin, if it waznt betta, dey would sleep me n ave a reely gud luk. Joolsie wa bovvad abowt me bein uncomfy all night, so Jane did gif me a ‘doggy noorofen’ injecshun. She also telded Joolsie to gif me a stodgy supper of pasta or sumfin. So Joolsie sed I could ave Pasta n Chickin – hurray!
Now it duz be da next day of 23 December and da doggy noorofen is still werkin reely good, so I iz back mostly to my normal me, but a bit kwiet. So it wuzzn’t till da aftanoon wen dey notis dat I am still chatterin ma teef n stuff. Dis is not gud news to Joolsie n Mr S who are very worried coz I still not rite. Joolsie foned up and maked an offishul appoyntment for me at 5.30pm. Dis time I see’d Angela anuvva vet and Joolsie showed da video on er fone and explayns it all again. Dey ad written evryfing down so not to forget anyfing in da tellin. Angela cuddn’t see enyfing in ma mowf eyeva, so dey decided to sleep me and have a reely gud luk. Joolsie asked agen abowt me bein cumfy ova-nite. So dey ad me sit on a platform wot Joolsie sed ment I was a ‘fat little pig’! Den Angela givved Joolsie a pakkit wiv sum tablits for me, based on ma wayt aparentlee.
Day 3 is 24 December (wot iz Chrissmuss Eve for hoomans) and I iz not alowd brekfust and onlee sips of warta. Joolsie and Mr S taked me back agayn to da vets for da 9.30am tyme rekwested by da vet. Becoz is is Chrissmuss Eve, dey say closin tyme is 1pm, so I be finished by den. Joolsie walked fru to da bak of da vets a bit wif me cos I not like da looks of dis mutsh, wen I next lukked back she woz gon. Mebbe dey fumpd er on da bak of er ed and tuk er away?
Wen I woke up dey tuk me bak to da waiting room and dere was Joolsie n Mr S. Dey must of bin waitin all dis tyme, cos it be 12 now. Mr S cuddled me n I went bak to sleep, till ee put me on Joolsie’s knee in da car. I wee’d on her on da way home I fink.
Joolsie n Mr S tukked me in ma beanbag wif my car blanky, wot I keept wee’in on cos I was still floppy from da anasfetic. Joolsie sed it didn’t matter n tucked some tishu next to me to soak up da wee each tyme. Dey also gived me a shower afta, so I not smell of wee. I having antibiotic n painkiller tablits for next week n a bit.
Now it duz be a week layta and da tablits seem to ave worked. Dey nevva fownd anyfing wrong in ma mowf, but I gotted my teef cleaned (wot woz expensif for Joolsie) n it seems ok so far. Joolsie sez she’ll see ow I am wen da tablits are all gon.

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Where dat Joolsie den?

My Joolsie dint go to werk yesterday wich was reely exciting. but wen I gotted bak from my walk she ad disapeered. I dunt no wer she az gone. Mr S put some pillows on da bed for me to preetend waz Joolsie and snuggle up to last nite. But I wazunt fooled (ee must fink I’m stoopid!)
I fort Mr S lookd lyke he wuz watshin owt for Joolsie dis aftanoon, but dere is still no sighn of er. Mr S did getted a fone call abowt alf an our ago and luked disapoyntd afta. I fink it do be Joolsie! Why dunt enywun tell me enyfing?
I iz gonna be very cross wiv dat Joolsie wen she duz mayk un appeeranz!

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The differences between Borders

Mr S doesn’t tweet very often, he’s not really interested in the Wide Woolly World. Yet a tweet was posted early this morning after an incident yesterday wot left im a bit shocked.
We wuz out walking up to da Sward, wot is a big area of grassland nere uz. Wen round a blynd corner came “Devil Dog” as she az bin named. DD az got prevyus form for attakin me on sevral occashuns. So, in order to avoid any ‘isshus’, Mr S dun pick me up in iz arms an howld me up hye.
DD dint lyke not bein abul to get at me, so she started to do the Border Vertical Lift-off and doing da bitey. She bitey’d Mr S’s elbow when she was trying to get at me. Mr S jus lifted me hyer owt of reach. Den wen dat dint work DD started to attak Mr S’s legs n feet.
Meanwhile, da hooman of DD was flappin around after er sayin “bad dog, bad dog” and being pritti uwsless really!
Afta it woz all owva, Mr S decided he dint want to walk on da Sward afta all, so we went fru da Woods insted. I like da Woods coz dere be Deers n Squazzles wot I wud luv to chays but Mr S dunt let me.

Mutch layta Joolsie did come home and I went for walk wiv er. We did walk on da ‘Road wot as bin Closed’. We see’d some dogs, but it did be dusk n Joolsie dint know oo it was, so I was not allowd to say ‘Ello’. On da way bak we did seez dem agen and Joolsie see’d dat it be Cass (anuva BT) n 2 uvva BTs wot we dint know befor.
Becoz it woz Cass, Joolsie did let me go say Ello. I did warn one of the uvva BT’s abowt being too familyar, but den we do all be friends. Joolsie do be surprizd cos I woz goin ome wiv Cass and is frends. But I do chayng my mynd wen Joolsie do say bowt ‘Dinner’ to me.

Just goes to show dat dere do be bad appuls in da BT crayt. But mostly dere be gud wuns.

Best be on yor gard for bad appuls and Devil Dogs owt dere evrywun.

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I got myself a facebook page

I got Joolsie to do me a facebook page and already I have people from across the globe who keep in touch with my page. The internet is bringing us all together, wherever we are. I use this blog. twitter and now facebook to keep in touch with my friends and not just border terriers either 🙂 

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Time well spent

Bein as it is arf term, Joolsie is alowd to take er olidaze. So she as been off dis week afta Eesta speshully to play wiv Impi. We ave had sum lovely walks regardless of da wevva. I as also spent a lot of time snuggled up wiv Joolsie, on da bed, on da sofa, in mai beanbag. We ave been owt in da car too, which I dussn’t much like, but I dus like da speshul walks we get at da end of da jurney.
I ave bin watchin Mr S tryin owt lots of nu resipees for Joolsie while she as bin off werk, in ope that he wud drop sum of the bits on da flore for the resident cleena to tidy away, but mostly e as bin very neet and efishunt.
Dey as got a nu pizza cuka today, so dere is promise of sumfing taysty layta on today I opes.

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Keeping everyone up to date

I have been working very hard lately, as you can see. Keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on takes time and sometimes it does get a little tiring. At times like these I like to have a little snooze and rest my eyes.

Work is hard
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